Hello. My name is Andy and welcome to my site. All the things here are things that I have made with my hands and brain. I hope you will enjoy looking at all the things that I make. I like to write about music, sometimes I write for Cracked, and other times I do jokes in front of audiences.

The things I post here often follow a similar formula: I have some kind of terrible, weird idea, and I do my best to actually follow through with it to my full ability for some reason. Like that time I wrote a full-length Rush Hour 4 script with time-travel based on a dumb joke, or that time I wrote a whole musical about podcasts.

So check back often because I will be posting new, terrible things to ruin your day as often as I can. Feel more than welcome to send me an email at akneis [at] gmail [dot] com or blast me on twitter. Thaaaaanks bye.


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