Hi, hello, you seem like a respectable internet user so I suppose I’ll give you a quick look at the horse shit I’ve been working on. Turns out it’s the same as most of the other horse shit I do. I made a bunch of songs about podcasts.

First, I made a quick little intro song to open up the “Popcorn Gallery” section of one my favorite podcasts: Hollywood Handbook. By “quick” and “little” I mean it was over 40 seconds long and the hosts Hayes and Sean made fun of it for being too long but they played it so hahaha joke’s on them. But seriously it was cool of them to do that and maybe I’ll work on something else for them that’s shorter (or maybe longer??? As a joke? I’m laughing already!!! We’ll see.), sometime soon now that I’ve figured out how to actually use EQ and make my songs not sound like shit in a bathtub.

Boy what a fucking mess of a post this is so far. But I’ll never learn how to make a decent god damn post if I don’t power through it and finish this one so here I go.

Next, a theme I wrote for the plugs section of the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast got played on this week’s episode, “Sex Party Season,” and it went about as perfect as it possibly could have. Let me count the ways it was great:

  1. I actually learned how to use EQ and make my songs not sound like shit in a bathtub. Combined with the Earwolf network recently upgrading to a higher bitrate and stereo sound, my theme actually sounded pretty cool.
  2. The whole conceit of the song being a “zone” where comedians could riff and make jokes worked perfectly. Scott Aukerman started the first few words of a joke in the “space” I left and then my song cut him off in a hilarious fashion. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect so big ups to Scott Aukerman for being funny.
  3. Speaking of the Auk Man, he also seemed to legitimately enjoy my theme and called it “cool.” He also seemed to genuinely laugh at my last plugs theme as well, so yeah, that’s pretty awesome he enjoyed my shit when he was exposed to it.
  4. In addition to Scotty boy, two of my other comedy heroes: Gillian Jacobs and Paul F. Tompkins (as Len Wiseman) had a brief discussion about my last name. Unfortunately, they all got the pronunciation wrong (it’s pronounced like “niece”) and they have made an enemy for life.
  5. The theme got featured on what I think was the funniest episode this year and what some are calling the funniest episode ever. And given how many times I’ve gone back and listened to my favorite episodes and practically memorized the plugs themes for each, that is very cool that maybe the same will happen for someone else out there with my dumb song.

So yeah that was a really wonderful thing that has really made this week for me.

Haha you fuckin dope you thought I would end this on some kind of note of sincerity? What an internet idiot you are.

I have one more thing to share. So remember way back a year ago when I announced that I was writing “Podcast: The Musical”? If you said yes, you are a liar because nobody actually saw that post, but anyway, a year later with lots of tweaking, I fuckin FINISHED writing it. It’s going to end up being somewhere between about 45 minutes to an hour long with 10 real-deal, totally brand new songs. Now that the writing is mostly finished, I have to actually figure out how it will possibly be made.

So, on the off chance that you are in the LA area and you like to sing or dance or if you like podcasts or if you know people that fit any of those descriptions, please feel more than welcome to contact me. Sorry for calling you a dope earlier.

Look out soon for a quick demo of a couple Podcast: The Musical songs to give you a better idea of what this thing might someday turn into.

OK that’s all thank you for reading my insufferable update! You are now my friend.