I’m at it again!!! What a rascal I am. I’m always up to some funny trick and today is no different.

It’s a pretty long story, but here I go anyway. I’m a big fan of the Reality Show Show podcast, and they often have call-in shows. So one time I called in and they happened to be discussing the hit ABC diving show Splash, and how odd it was that each contestant had their own funk intro theme song. So I asked them if they wanted their own funk intro and they said yes, so here we are.  Even more music about podcasts.

Oh but wait there’s even more music!! What am I NUTS?? Sometimes I think I might be haha just kidding. Anyway Comedy Bang! Bang! the TV show was doing a twitter contest where they were asking people to post their Comedy Fantasy. WELL I put my making-songs-about-podcasts skills to the test and made a quick little Instagram video about my comedy-related dream. It’s a little music number about a musical about podcasts so hey that is a very specific thing and they say specificity is an important thing in comedy so there you go. OK I guess I’ll stop typing now. Take a look. Thanks. I don’t know how to embed the video so just take a look by clicking if you please

A submission to a Comedy Bang Bang contest about ultimate comedy fantasies

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