Pretty exciting stuff,  a plugs theme I wrote was recently featured on the popular Comedy Bang Bang podcast. For anyone not in the know, the podcast accepts user-submitted themes for their “plugs” segment of the show, and last week, they picked mine. I’m not in the mood to joke around so here it is!!! JUST TAKE THE LINK. I have no time for such blog nonsense. That’s not true. I have plenty of time. How are you? Anyway here’s the link.

Check out them play my song around 64 minutes. Kristen Schaal very politely waited to talk while my music was playing, and Scott Aukerman genuinely laughed at my song. Also, the very funny Neil Campbell and Pamela Murphy were listening. Very flattering.

Here’s a link to the song by itself:

ALSO, you may remember that I entered in Earwolf’s Carol Contest. I didn’t win possibly because I didn’t exactly follow the rules (my song was about every podcast on the network instead of focusing on one), but it was fun and I’m happy how it turned out because I think practicing harmonies and a capella stuff will really help when it comes time to record Podcast: The Musical.

Here it is:

Also here’s another one that I did that didn’t get played BUT I just finished editing it down a bit, so I will repost that again at some point and hopefully it will be a more acceptable length.

And I’m working on another plugs them right now. COOL well there’s a bunch of podcast related music links for you to enjoy. If you can find another dope that spends this much time writing music about podcasts, you send him my way. I wanna invite him over for a pizza party. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for more updates. love ya. Bye.

1/16 Update:
It’s a day later and I did another plugs theme. I don’t know. It just is. Enjoy if you want. Goodbye.