You know that feeling where you are just so excited for something that you can’t help but tell all your internet friends about it? Well this is one of those moments. I hereby shout from the rooftops of cyberspace, I am currently in the middle of writing Podcast: The Musical. You hear me internet?? I AM CURRENTLY WRITING PODCAST: THE MUSICAL.

Tadaaa check this shit out

It’s a project I’ve had developing in my head for a while, so I’m happy to say that the writing is going smoothly so far, and writing a musical is as fun as I thought it would be.  I look forward to being the first idiot to make a podcast about podcasts. In song form. It’s probably a dumb idea, but hey, that’s what this darn blog is here for. Me following through with my dumb ideas.

Here’s some pixxx of what I’ve written so far to get you “in the mood” heheh :~**

Also you can look forward to some more musical things from me very soon. So yeah. Prepare for face holes for that. Goodbye good friends.