Hey everyone. Sorry for the lapse in posting but I have some new sweet sweet morsels of internet presence for you to enjoy. Morsel is kind of a gross word.

First of all, I wrote another article for Cracked, and they published recently. Feel free to send any complaints about it my way and I will probably blame it on the editors. Click the .jpg picture with your mouse to activate the hyperlink. Or click this hyperlink here also with your mouse.

6 Popular Songs You Didn’t Know Have Dark Hidden Messages



In addition to that, I have officially entered the Earwolf Podcast Network’s Holiday Carol Contest. I changed around my favorite Christmas carol: “Carol of the Bells,” and I made it about podcasts. Let’s be honest here for a second. “Carol of the Bells” is by far the best Christmas carol right? Yeah. Yes. Glad we could agree.

Anyway, it’s my first attempt at recording something a capella and it’s a little shaky at points but I think it turned out OK. Especially if you are familiar with Comedy Bang Bang and other Earwolf podcasts. Are your expectations sufficiently lowered? Perfect. Now you may click on the song. I hope you enjoy.

Look out for more things soooooon aaaahhh I’m falliiiinng haha just kidding. Just kidding. I’m bad at ending these things. Just kidding. Bye.