After receiving some new information, I have created an update regarding the enigmatic name of famous rapper Gucci Mane. Check out the origin of this bottomless mystery name pit by clicking all over this link here. 

And now, here is the exciting conclusion(?):

The Riddle of Gucci Mane’s Name Partially Solved! 

After reading “r’s” thought provoking comment, it appears that Gucci Mane’s name is just a case of some creative spelling. As “r” points out, there is a Muddy Waters song called Hootchie Cootchie Man. After some research, I found out this refers to a belly dance called the “Hootchie Cootchie” that was popular in the late 1800’s on the United States’ East Coast.

And–here’s the kicker–those who either ran or attended the Hootchie Cootchie shows were called “gootchie men.” And the word “gootchie” and its permutations were already references in the South for female genitalia before the invention of the Hootchie Cootchie dance.

Which (partially) answers the question of Gucci Mane’s name! It’s a reference to a “gootchie man,” who would attend or run a sexually provocative Hootchie Cootchie dance show. Cool. I feel somewhat satisfied with that.

We did it, everyone. We did it together.

Of course, this brings up a slew of new questions, as Gucci Mane’s name often does. First of all, why would a parent (Gucci Mane’s grandma) give her son a name that is associated with sexual things? Why did she associate Gucci Mane’s dad with a promiscuous man? Maybe he was.

Next, why did Gucci Mane alter the spelling and pronunciation of the name? Is he not aware of the original spelling, or did he take artistic license with it? Furthermore, why would he change “man” to “mane?” I guess it does give it a more laid back feel.

Maybe Gucci Mane’s name is one of those riddles than can never be solved. Gucci Mane seems to have purposefully kept the name’s purpose and origins mysterious, and as of now, it seems that will be how it will remain.  Maybe it’s intended to provoke thought, to be an artistic touch, not something that has a definitive answer, a Rorschach test of a name that tells you more about yourself than it does about the person behind it. That’s how I choose to look at it from here on out. Thanks for reading.