Oh heeellooo here is an explicit rated XXX sexy story here for you folks. Just kidding it’s just a very tame short essay story type thing that I wrote. Enjoy bye

Sexual Education in America’s Most Passive Household

The first and only time I was given a frank talk on sex and how the body works was when I was about 8. Far before I had even considered things of that nature. My mom called to me from the other room. We were about as far away as two humans could be in the house while still being able to look at each other.

“Have they taught you about periods yet in school? Not the punctuation,” she said.

“No… we only learned how to use them for sentences.”

“Okay. Well. One of your cousins got what is called a period.”

I didn’t respond.

“It’s a thing that happens to a girl when she gets older. I just thought you should know about it. There’s blood. I don’t know. Just… don’t be scared if you see blood on someone’s underwear.”

I nodded and went into a different room as fast as possible with far more questions than I had answers. But that was fine. I knew that I didn’t know very much. One time I watched a show on a Spanish channel, and I assumed that they were using words I didn’t know yet.

I’m not sure why my mom believed I would be seeing anyone’s panties. But I guess if I ever did, I would know not to be scared.

So there you have it. My first and only “talk” with my parents. But I still had a lot to learn about the subject. Don’t worry, though. I picked up most of the info along the way.

When I was around 10, I somehow convinced myself that I had tiny cameras in my eyes, and whatever I saw was broadcast onto people’s TVs. It didn’t really alter my behavior, except in two very important ways.

Number 1: I acted as cool as I could in front of mirrors.

Number 2: I never looked at my penis or butt. As far as I remember, it was not because I was embarrassed for the TV people to be looking at me naked. It was because I knew you weren’t allowed to show penises or butts on TV. So I thought I’d make a family friendly show by not ever looking at my own naked body.

For the summer, my family and I went to Lake Tahoe. My brother and I thought it was fun to lie in the sand on the shore and let the tiny Tahoe waves splash on us. Unfortunately, this also meant that a lot of sand got kicked up, and most of it went in your swim trunks.

I was in the shower clearing out the sand. I don’t know how long it had been since I actually looked at myself naked, but when I looked down to check if I had cleared away all the sand, I had pubic hair.

“Okay. So I guess that’s a thing,” I thought to myself. Lesson learned.

By the time I was 12, we already had the “What’s Happening to my Body” video and the 2 day lesson on puberty, so I pretty much got the gist of everything. Whatever parts were unclear to me were pretty quickly cleared up once our family got AOL. It’s strange to think about how that one lesson at school was the only education we got on the subject until much later. What if someone was sick? What if you flunked the test? What if I had committed better to my eyeball television show and I didn’t even realize pubic hair existed until my wedding night? So much could have gone wrong

Despite my mastery of all things puberty, I still got a chance to see my parents’ laid back attitude towards sexual education first hand one more time.

My family was at church for Easter and we were singing one of the songs. There was a line that mentioned “Virgin Mary, full of grace.”

“What’s a virgin?” my younger sister said, looking up at my mom.

My mom thought for a long time, her brain undoubtedly thinking of all the long, question-filled conversations in her future. Finally she replied:

“I don’t know.”

End of Education.