Hi everyone, here is an easy recipe that you can make at home without breaking the bank or breaking your butt.

It’s a bread and onion sandwich. Eat the onions then the bread with a knife inside of it.

Just kidding. Get half a lime and put it next to your bread. The hard part is done.

Squeeze the lime into the bread. Just do it, okay? This picture is big because this is the important part and the part that makes this sandwich not incredibly boring.

Take some greens and some lettuce and stuff and chop it up as much as possible. I can honestly not think of anything worse in the world than biting a sandwich and a piece of leaf or meat slides out of it. “Keep it in the bun, baby.” That’s what I say.

Spread a very tiny thin layer of mayo on that sandwich. If you want. It’s up to you. “It’s your mouth, do what you want.” That’s what I say.

It’s a mustard face that’s happy to see you.

Joke idea for later: something that has to do with mustard/mustache?

Put some onions on there if you want. The citrus goes well with the onions, especially if you enjoy eating shit. Just kidding.

Awesome! We did it together! Now throw the sandwich away and take a big bite out of the lime. You earned it.